Spain, I’m On My Way!

Why Spain is the heart of tourism

By: Allie Myers

Gothic Quarter, In Barcelona Spain

Traveling to another country is always a memorable experience, but traveling during a worldwide pandemic is something I’ll never forget. By the end of 2010, Spain was ranked as the second most visited country worldwide and now international tourism has plummeted by more than 70 percent in 2020, according to The CNN article, “Traveling to Spain during COVID-19: What you need to know before you go”. The city of Barcelona is known for tourism and nightlife, so something like COVID-19 is bound to affect it.  The CNN article also illustrates, “Spain pulls tourists in by the millions thanks to its warm weather, laid back vibe, and excellent food and wine. Plus, of course, there are some of Europe’s best beach resorts, mountains, and cultural cities such as Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona”. During my trip, I noticed how many restaurants and nightclubs were closed early or weren’t even open at all, but there were still plenty of things to experience!

I flew to Barcelona in late August with hopes of immersing myself in their culture. Mask precautions help keep cases low so they are still able to stay open for tourism. When we visited the Catedral de Barcelona, it was filled with tourists, which makes sense because it’s a must-see spot! Walking into the cathedral we saw people monitoring visitors making sure their masks were on. It’s located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic center. This beautiful and massive cathedral is a prominent feature you can see throughout the views of the city. The historic architecture is so culturally unique if you can’t miss this if you want to experience Barcelona. Walking inside was breathtaking with extremely tall ceilings, and I was in awe of how this place was made by hand with 12th century technology. People who want to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Spain have to see this cathedral! 

If you are vaccinated and looking to travel to Spain, here are some resources to help you navigate your way through this big city. There are many things to do and see in Spain, but because of the pandemic, there is an extra precaution you might need to know about before. Here are some links to help with any questions about traveling to Spain during the pandemic.