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I am new to blogging and have never blogged before. I am excited to see what I can create and learn from this site. I am hoping I can use this to create my PR portfolio with insightful and useful ideas about Public Relations. I want this to be a blog that is relatable and easy to grasp.

I have a huge passion for travel and culture. This past summer I traveled to Spain visiting the cities Barcelona and Seville. It was so rich with culture and I am so grateful for that experience. I want to make sure I am traveling my whole life, I think it is something that can never been taught. You must experience the culture. I want to focus on how travel is related to Public Relations and the companies efforts to promote travel.

My other passion in life is food and cooking. I am minoring in Food Studies that has allowed me to learn more about different cultures and cooking. Also, about the traditions and history of certain foods. I want to focus this blog on food and cooking and the relation to Public Relations.